Check Out Guide

Here is a handy step-by-step guide to help make the process as smooth as possible for you.


Please ensure that you settle all bills prior to departure. You can check your balance and make payments by logging on to the resident portal and clearing any outstanding balances. Alternatively come down and see us at Reception, and we’ll be happy to assist.


Please ensure your room and any shared areas that are part of your room, such as communal kitchens are left in a clean and tidy state. This includes wiping, washing, vacuuming and clearing of all surfaces, and remember not to leave any Blue-Tac or pins on the walls. All waste should be placed in the bins and recycling facilities provided. Please check with the reception team if you have bulky or excess waste to handle. Please note that recovery charges will apply for damages to your room and furniture, or if your room has not been cleaned to a satisfactory standard.  
For your convenience, our housekeeping team can complete a reliable check out cleaning service following your departure, ensuring your room is left in the same conditions as when you arrived. You’ll also benefit from being able to book the Express Check Out option, where you do not need to book a room inspection prior to checking out. 
Don’t forget to clear your fridge and cupboards of all food items. Please check with reception for details on how you can donate your unopened food items to our local food bank.
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We’ll have a large number of people departing in a short space of time. We offer an Express Check Out and Standard Check Out option. 
The Express Check Out option is available to anyone who has booked a check out clean, this means you do not need to book a check out room inspection before you leave. 
The Standard Check Out option requires you to book a check out inspection before your check out date. In order to ensure you get the date and time that you want for your room inspection, we advise you to plan well in advance.
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Before you depart, don't forget to check your mailbox, pick up any packages from the post room and notify your family and friends of your change of address. Unfortunately, we’re unable to hold or forward any mail for you once you have left. Royal Mail offer a redirection service that you might find helpful. Just ask at any Post Office branch, or visit for further details. If you’ve rebooked with us for next year then we can hold your post for you until you return in September.


Canvas is committed to reducing its carbon footprint so we ask you to recycle wherever possible. Recycling skips are provided in our Bin stores on site, however if you aren’t sure where they are located please speak to Reception. As you’re cleaning your room, if you have any unwanted items – clothes, books, electrical goods, etc – we recommend donating them to a local charity near your Canvas. Your team at Reception will have more details.


If you plan on leaving your bike behind, please let us know on your checkout form, where you can provide details, and upload an identifiable picture of your bike. Our team will donate it to our local charity on your behalf. 
If your bike is locked, please remember to leave your key or combination code at reception prior to your departure. Please note that unclaimed bikes will be disposed of, or donated to our local charity, two weeks after final checkout day.


We know how stressful packing up and moving can be, especially if it means taking all your belongings home just to bring them back again in September. We have multiple storage, removal and shipping options available, making your life stress-free. You can also book help with packing your room packing, and disposal services quickly and easily.
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Once you’re all packed and your room has been emptied, cleaned and inspected, lock your door and hand your keys in at reception to a member of staff. Please note there is a replacement fee for each key that is not returned. If you choose to deposit your keys with security, out of hours, you are agreeing to a Canvas team member inspecting your room without you being present, and paying any charges that damages may incur.


Are you thinking of staying over summer? Take the hassle out of moving out and stay with us. We’ve got room available in some of our Canvas buildings across the summer months. Please speak to the team at reception to check what we've got available. We hate to see you go, if you’d like to stay with us next year we would love to have you back. To rebook for 2023/24 simply chat to Reception to go through your options.