What size are your boxes?
We provide Medium boxes (45x45x30cm) and Large boxes (45x45x60cm).
When will my boxes and packaging materials be delivered to me?
We will deliver your boxes and materials on or before your selected delivery date. You can choose to have your boxes sent as soon as possible after your order (within 2 days) or at a later date by choosing your desired delivery date. 
Where will my boxes and packaging materials be delivered to
We will deliver your boxes and packaging materials to the post room of your building with your name and room number in the package. 
What days do you collect on?
We collect Monday to Saturday between 9am and 9pm. 
Where will my storage items be collected from? 
We collect all your items directly from your room on your chosen collection date. 
What time will you collect my storage items? 
We cannot provide a precise time. As our team have access to your Chapter room, you do not have to be present for your collection to take place. We advise that all your storage items are ready, packed and clearly marked with your name and total number of items (eg item 1 of xx, item 2 of xx etc) by 9am on the day of your collection. 
How do my items need to be labelled? 
All you need to do is clearly mark (write directly on the box(s) or a note) and tape to your items your name and total number of items (eg item 1 of xx, item 2 of xx etc) on everything you wish to be taken to storage. If you are not going to be present and you DO NOT want a specific item collected (eg a suitcase) please write clearly NOT FOR STORAGE on a piece of paper and attach to that item(s).
What if I have more items that my chosen storage plan?
This is not a problem at all. Please advise us via the chat on your order of how many extra items you have and we will upgrade you to the relevant plan. 
What if I have less items that my chosen storage plan?
This is not a problem at all. Please advise us via the chat on your order of how many less items you have and we will downgrade you to the relevant plan. 
What happens when my storage plan expires? 

Once your chosen storage plan is up and if you have not contacted us to have your items redelivered, your plan switches automatically to the monthly rolling plan. Please note that our storage is based on monthly plans, so if you exceed by any number of days, a month of storage will still be charged. You can of course request to have your items redelivered at any point during the course of the month. 

Is there a minimum order or storage period?
There is no minimum storage period, however our minimum storage with a FREE collection is £100. Orders less than £100 will be charged a £50 standard collection fee.
Can I store suitcases and other items?
Yes, of course. As long as your luggage is no heavier than 25kg, we can store it. You can also store any items you wish as long as they are labelled with your name and are part of your items included in your plan. We advise that small or fragile items are placed in boxes where possible. 
Can I make changes to my collection?
Yes, of course. If you want to change the number of boxes you are storing or let us know any specific collection instructions, please contact us by logging into your account and chat to our team by visiting the CHAT button within your order confirmation.

If you decide to change your collection date, please let us know as soon as possible and no later than 10am the day before your intended collection (likewise, get in touch by 10am Friday if it’s happening next Monday!). Letting us know after this time will incur additional charges, as we will have scheduled for a driver to come to your address.
If you let us know you would like to change or cancel your collection date after 10am the day before, there will be a £25 charge. If you are not present for your collection there is a £25 charge, as a driver will have arrived at your address and waited for 10 minutes before moving on to their next customer.
How do I get my boxes delivered back to me?

Returning your boxes back to you is simple! All you need to do is place an order for redelivery here:
- Confirm the address you would like your boxes returned to and choose from our delivery options of 7am to 6pm, or you can select any available upgrades. Be sure to select a date when you, or someone you trust, will be available throughout the full timeslot to sign for your delivery.- If you’re planning to have your items delivered to a reception, concierge or post room, we would recommend checking with them before ordering to ensure they are happy to receive and sign for your items.- For some addresses, you will be able to upgrade and have your items delivered directly to your apartment/room.
Can I request a redelivery to another address?
Yes of course. When you want us to redeliver your stuff, you will have the chance to confirm your new address.

What is Personal Packing?
Book for our personal packing team to visit your room and pack your items for you. We can assist you in packing your room, or if you are not able to be present we can pack your room without you being present and store your items for as long as you need. You can request Personal Packing here: