World Sauntering Day

19th June 2021

19th June 2021

This day is observed annually to make people remember to slow down and enjoy life as much as  possible instead of rushing always. 

This day also reminds us to take easy, take time to smell roses, take time to see nature that it is so beautiful, look at the sky and enjoy life.

World Sauntering Day Meaning, Significance, History and Celebration

A day to slow down and smell the roses, here we explore why we should slow down and how to celebrate.
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5 Ways To Slow Down and Enjoy The Present

We all lead busy lives and often find ourselves preoccupied with either the past or the future.

Here are 5 easy ways that anyone can slow down and take a moment to enjoy the present.
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15 Quotes About Slowing Down That You Need To Read

15 slow down quotes about enjoying life. While it’s important to focus on time management and productivity when it comes to goal setting and achieving, there’s another side of the story.
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Why Walking Is The Most Underrated Form Of Exercise

What better way to celebrate a day of slowing down than by walking instead of driving or taking public transport?

Whether you use the time to appreciate your surroundings, listen to a podcast, enjoy your favourite music or simply to collect your thoughts there are many benefits to incorporating a walk into your daily routine.
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