Staycation: Manchester

1st - 30th June 2021

Staycation: Manchester

Culture, nightlife, history, and good fun in Greater Manchester

Hidden and Alternative Place to Eat in Manchester

From restaurants right underground to eateries tucked down alleyways, Manchester’s complex network of streets and snickets boasts a variety of alternative places to eat.

And by alternative, that doesn’t just mean that the location is unusual – these places often serve exotic cuisine and are especially known for their quality vegetarian and vegan options.


Manchesters Best Bars

Whether you're looking for a chic cocktail bar, a traditional pub or an underground drinking den there will be something in this top 10 to tickle your tastebuds.

60 Marvellous Parks To Get You Back To Nature

Tired of seeing the same concrete sights? Paint your world green with a trip to one of the prettiest parks and gardens in Manchester. From the city centre to Cheshire and beyond, we’ve rounded up the top spots closeby to stretch your legs and get a good old dose of fresh air.

Arts and Culture

Featuring comedy, museums and live music events across Manchester throughout June and the rest of the summer.
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